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postheadericon Overwatch: Blizzards answer to the MOBA world

Blizzard has always been highly respected in the gaming community for their intricate plot lines and online gaming. Overwatch, Blizzard’s first new IP in 17 years, takes their online gaming community to new hieghts in this hero shooter. And, the newest addition to the Blizzard family doesn’t disappoint.Not only did Blizzard provide fans with a shooter feel to their massive online empire, but they also provided us with unique character designs and back stories. And, perhaps the best part, you aren’t stuck with one character for the entire game. Overwatch allows you the ability to change characters on the fly.

This unique feature allows you to change team dynamics to suit the atmosphere of your individual game.With so much riding on Overwatch, many fans feared that the game would disappoint. But, as always, Blizzard delivers in their unique game play and vivid character design. provides a MOBA feel to an FPS game, meshing two very different styles together effectively. With massive updates planned and a new character just released, it’s exciting to see what Overwatch has in its future.