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postheadericon Earth Rods at Competitive Prices From Bratke Lightning Protection Material

As we in the field lightning protection material in Europe were able to build an exquisite network of producers as a company with years of experience, our customers benefit from our selected contacts. About competitive prices! tiefenerder But that is not enough. ensures the coupling system that the important and reliable contact can be made in a simple way the ground rod into the ground.

The cost advantages are not to the detriment of the material, which meets at the highest level the requirements of the standards. The permanent security of the construction project is characterized ensured that our earth rods meet the maximum requirements in terms of corrosion ability. Improved corrosion ability speaks for a long life in the lightning protection systems and for the high quality of the delivered lightning protection material.

Earth Rods – Specifications:

Bore and pin for baying
complies with requirements
Short-circuit current (50Hz), time 1 s, temperature max. 300 degrees Celsius: 7.9 kA