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SiteGround is one of the leading web hosting companies on the market today and is recommended by experts and bloggers in many blogs and forums. But come on, can SiteGround be so good? Seriously?I have to admit I was skeptical of SiteGround at first, but it changed quickly. In fact, so much so that I use SiteGround now (GrowBig plan) and have moved this site to SiteGround.

When you set up a website, especially a website that serves as a source of income, you should know that you can trust your web host to provide excellent service and support. If your website is unavailable or has technical issues affecting the user experience, you end up losing money. Which is not good.

Let’s talk about SiteGround. What makes him special? Why do so many people boast of SiteGround?
WordPress Hosting is a closed Facebook group with nearly 7,000 members dedicated exclusively to hosting WordPress.

Each year, members hostgator coupon are invited to choose their preferred web server. Can you guess which WordPress webhost got the most votes?

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It seems that almost all technical bloggers have published at least one SiteGround magazine these days! But what seems obvious that competition is not?

Siteground as a company was founded 11 years ago by Tenko Nikolav, Reneta Tsankova and Nikolay Todorov to make three friends of the university in order to welcome to the next level in the world.

His vision was to provide hosting services that were safer, faster and with better support than all existing options. SiteGround is the result of everything

Today, SiteGround seems to be reaching its original potential with millions of satisfied and satisfied customers. Customers rent Siteground more often for the attention they pay to site security and respect the current hosting technology and the overall speed of the site.

SiteGround is also known for offering its services at prices considered extremely low compared to the competition.
High Percentage Availability If there is something about which almost all website owners complain about their web hosting service, then these are availability issues.
They come with expectations

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Set up your website in the hope that you can see access at any time of the day. However, if your hosting provider does not give sufficient priority to availability, you will notice that once your visitors complain that they were unable to access your website during their last visit.
And your expectations are satisfied

It is natural that each host has downtime. You must perform maintenance and updates. In addition, there are occasional interruptions and hostgator offers other issues that may affect the quality of service. However, SiteGround is one of the few options that has a remarkable percentage of 99.99% when it comes to your availability percentage. Now let’s take a look at my availability tracker.